Rug making is an ancient traditional craft. Handknotted rugs are unparalleled in looks and quality. It combines design, culture, art & luxury.

At Everest Carpet Manufacturer, we have been making hand knotted rugs for an array of clients over the past 30 years. We value quality, creativity and our relationships. We work together with our clients to create the most exquisite rugs of their designs.

Everest Carpet Manufacturers has been creating job opportunities for men & women in Nepal. In 1998, Everest Carpet Manufacturers was awarded the 1st Highest Exporter of Woolen Carpets by the Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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Displaying rug in 1975.


Continuing Tradition

Everest has now passed on it’s tradition to the next generation – Sangye Dekyi Sherpa & Sangye Palden Sherpa. They promise to add fresh perspective to customer service & design while retaining the unparalleled quality & rich heritage of the Himalayan Handknotted Rug.

Stall at Domotex, Germany

Exhibiting at Domotex 2015, Messe, Hanover, Germany